New Toy from Amazon in Beta Testing: Amazon Collections

Here’s a new twist from Amazon: Amazon Collections.

Pinterest, meet Twitter Feed on an Amazonian scale. The Amazon Collections River flows on this page (you’ll be prompted to sign in to your Amazon account to see it):

Screenshot of Amazon Collections River

Like a graphical Twitter feed, it posts and flows as Amazon customers add items of all styles, sizes, descriptions, and categories to their own self-created personal Collections.

Another view of the Amazon Collections River

In the River, you’ll find a fascinating flow of interests. Clothing, classic movies, MP3s, books (of course), sporting goods, instant video, jewelry, and more.

If Amazon sells it, it can be Collected and shared with the Amazon community. And the flow’s in realtime. Add an item to any personal Collection & you’ll find it in the River in a microsecond, mixing and mingling with other Collector’s Favorite Things.

Like this one, found here.

Main Page for This User's Amazon Collections

So far, this user has 17 collections, like these on Gardening, Dumb Comedy, and Workout Gear.

Well, EXCUSE ME I Love Dumb Comedy

Describe your item if you want. Don’t if you don’t.

Click on Add to My Collection & you’re done! Your item’s saved to your own Collection AND it’s joined the River, which is constantly flowing and growing.

Give it a try; if you’re familiar with Amazon’s older “extra” features, Amazon Collections is like Listmania on Steroids. Only EASIER, because you can collect any item just by clicking a “Collect” button from your browser menubar.

Navigating Amazon Collections is SIMPLE; use the NavBar

Fun, addictive, and endlessly fascinating to writers, these self-painted portraits of people and time speak volumes about our Digital Age, our interests, and ourselves.

Join in here. Once you log in to your Amazon account (or create one), just click on the “Learn More” link & you’ll be able to join the Beta.

And if you need help, just Send Me a Tweet @writerseditor & I’ll post a mini-tutorial. But I don’t think you’ll need it; Amazon’s done a great job explaining how this works : )

And best of all, new features are being added all the time, like the ability to FOLLOW other Collectors. Give it a try today!
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